Monday, February 22, 2010

406 WOMAN {Commercial Photographer Flathead Valley, MT}

I'm so happy that I was able to take the Cover Shot for this issue of 406 Woman magazine. I wanted to show you the cover and a few other projects that I was able to do for the magazine. The Cover model is Reecia, the lovely owner of Reecia’s Salon and Spa in Whitefish. Thank you Reecia and James for the wonderful and fun photo shoot! I was able to work with both of them during our last cover shoot (click here to see it) in Whitefish. And a Big Thank You to the Village shop! Finding the clothes to wear, I think, is more difficult then taking the pictures LOL. Hope you enjoy…..

To see more commercial work visit our online portfolio at and click on commercial.

I wanted to show you an article that ran last issue in the magazine. I was able to go into the Conrad Mansion and photograph the whole place. Justin got to go as well! It was his first time going through the mansion and we had so much fun.


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